What is a Photographic Elevation?

A Photographic Elevation is not a panorama which is photographed from a single, static point of view, and in which all objects not directly in front of the camera are distorted.  To make a photographic elevation, Yust walks or rides along a path parallel to the subject being photographed, snaps overlapping shots of it with his camera always pointing directly at the subject, and then puts the shots together in a computer.  The resulting images are essentially free of perspective and cannot be achieved in any other way.  They provide a new way of looking at the world.

The Photographic Elevations in this collection are made up of anywhere from five to fifty or more individual shots, depending on the complexity of the street or wall and the shooting situation, and are assembled in Photoshop.



Larry Yust was born in Philadelphia, grew up in suburbs of New York and Chicago, graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Theater Arts, and has lived in Los Angeles for many years.  He worked briefly in theater as a lighting and set designer and as an occasional singer, then moved into television and motion pictures where he has worked as a writer, director and producer. He began a parallel career as a still photographer in the 1990s and developed his technique of producing Photographic Elevations in 2000 in order to create a visual record of the walls of Paris Metro stations.  He is married, with three children and four grandchildren.



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